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Immerse yourself in this diverse selection of paintings that showcase exceptional artistry from the 18th, 19th and 
20th Centuries.

Also, you can discover etchings, engravings and gravures that capture intricate details and display the  mastery of the craft.

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Explore our personal gallery featuring paintings and drawings by Leigh Bohne that exhibit the beauty and essence of his observance of the world.

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Leigh Bohne is accepting art commissions for  our specialty House Portraits, Historical art commissions as well as landscapes and portraits, even fantasy art you may be looking to have done.

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Discover more about our extensive range of professional services. We constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to help.

Consulting on Art Choices

We always put our focus on our customers. We want you to find art that perfectly suits your tastes, which is why we offer comprehensive consulting services to help you make informed decisions. We will be including future blogs discussing various aspects of how to select art that you will be happy with.

People can become intimidated if they don’t understand the different classifications or different artists or genres that are available. They could be afraid to make a mistake with a purchase or don’t understand how a work of art is valued. So they keep their walls bare!

There are different prints or reproduction types (etchings, gravures, woodcuts, engravings, lithographs) which may have totally different valuations from each other. Even the problem of not recognizing an original work from a reproduction could lead to a disappointment.  It helps to know the difference if you are buying art for an investment, but any art that attracts you is worth enjoying regardless of its monetary value.

I encourage everyone to not make decisions about their art purchase based only on value appreciation, but rather when your eye first sees a work of art, if it appeals to you, it's usually a good indication that it’s art you will be happy with for a long time and not specifically a matter of it’s potential increased value.

Your Gallery Art Purchases

Our aim is that you are completely satisfied with every purchase of our art. That’s why we not only provide professional advice before you order: We are also here to help you afterwards, serving as reliable support even if you are considering buying art from another gallery or seller. 

On all of our art sales, we include a provenance and gallery appraisal sheet with each work.  Each artwork has a history and we have hopefully provided the story of the art or the artist or it's acclaim.  We are happy to provide provenance history before you buy. You will have a good understanding of what you are buying before you make the purchase.

If you are  dissatisfied when you receive your art purchase, we will refund your purchase price upon return.

Art Appraisals

 As we are not licensed appraisers or perhaps experts on your particular item, we will be happy to assist you in establishing a provenance and value as best we can. Our fee would be a time-based cost as needed.

Leigh Bohne Gallery has assembled a documented gallery appraisal and provenance sheet for every sale we make from our gallery. In these cases, we are the most knowledgeable and qualified person to do this anyway. An insurance company may require a licensed appraiser which you are free to chose.

For any other licensed appraisal, might we suggest you contacting www.appraisers.org to find an appraiser in your area. You may also be able to find dealer’s specializing in this artist’s work at www.askart.com. Another option is to find current auction records at www.artprice.com by purchasing a one day trial.

About the Leigh Bohne Gallery

Exploring our collections as well as who we are

At Leigh Bohne Gallery, we pride ourselves in offering a meticulously curated collection of paintings, etchings, and lithographs. Our gallery showcases artworks that captivate 
and inspire the mind.  

Step into our world of quality artistic excellence and perhaps you might find the perfect inspiration to enjoy that we had in assembling this collection.




Because you found my website and gallery I owe you a few words about myself!

I enjoyed growing up in the natural area along the western shores of Lake Michigan. With my classic art training as the basis of my professional career, 
I developed technical illustrative techniques which qualified me to establish a business as an architectural illustrator.  
I also maintained a graphic design studio which produced corporate design, branding, corporate standards, and advertising design.


As time and business evolved, my focus was directed more toward fine art subjects.  My illustrative abilities provided my visualization in virtually any genre of art.  
I produced landscape oil and watercolor paintings, figuratives and portraits done as drawing, watercolor and oil, as well as enjoying structural and industrial art which I refer to as “archigraphics”. I am currently involved with watercolor, oil painting and drawing. 
With my experience in doing architectural work, I produced watercolors focusing on the design and uniqueness of fishing tugs in the Great Lakes -along with a series of historic lighthouses.


My philosophy regarding art is that the ability to conceptualize drawing is the core of art and design composition.  
I feel that computer art can be a great tool, but it also can become a shortcut to the natural talent of the human touch that undermines the truth in art and that to let the computer calculate instead of letting the artist determine the result, is counter-productive and over simplifying the techniques of art and visualization.


I believe that it is my obligation as an artist to use natural art techniques for fine art regardless of the style or genre.  Not everyone feels that way, and with increasing numbers, but I realize that a background of standard art techniques can nourish and encourage the human mind to improve style and creative substance, regardless of the eventual techniques and processes utilized.  
Every time I touch a brush to a canvas, I think about this interpretation of the philosophy of art and the responsibility I feel that I need to give back to art.  
In assembling and curating the art in the Leigh Bohne Gallery, I hope that I chose good examples of all of this reasoning. 
With this gallery and website, I also hope to provide additional commentary about art and regarding current trends in art.   


I would also enjoy any communication from YOU regarding art in general, your own adventures in art. 
( I would be pleased to arrange a link or connection to your art here as well ) as well as any of your comments about the direction art is going!


Thanks for visiting our Gallery website.  We hope you enjoy looking around!  
Feel free to return as we are continually adding more art and updating our message!!

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